'If I hadn't lost weight, I would have died a painful death': Obese man reveals how he shed 150 POUNDS - without following fad diets, counting calories or having surgery

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  • Ryan Footit, 40, weighed 330lbs on his 40th birthday
  • In one year, he's managed to get down to 180lbs - and is just 15lbs away from losing half of his original body weight
  • The Tennessee resident focuses on eating nutritious food and gets up at 3am to exercise before going to work

An obese man has revealed how he managed to lose nearly half of his body weight - without counting calories, carbs, or fat.

Ryan Footit, 40, was 5’8” and 330lbs when he decided to change his life. Now weighing just 180lbs, the Hendersonville, Tennessee, resident is just 15lbs away from his goal weight.

'I knew that if I didn’t do something about my weight, I was going to die an early, painful death loaded with medicines and procedures,' he told Yahoo! Health. 'I was ready to change my life.'

Working hard: To lose 150lbs, Ryan hit a nearby gym the day it opened, and even wakes up at 3am so he can exercise before work 

n June 2014, Ryan, a chiropractor, tipped the scales at 330lbs on his 40th birthday - and made the decision to do something about his weight immediately.

He knew from the start that didn't want to use fad diets, drugs, or surgery. Ryan figured that a lot of them were short-term fixes, and once he stopped, he would gain the weight he lost right back. Since Ryan wanted to make sure the weight loss stuck, he knew he needed to change his lifestyle.

Plus, he said, he wanted the gratification of doing it all by himself.

So he started by cutting out wheat, dairy, and anything processed or microwaved from his diet. His eating habits slowly evolved, and now he sticks to mostly raw fruits and vegetables, with little meat. He noted that the slow changes to his diet were one of the reasons that he has been successful - it's not realistic to cut out everything at once.

To ensure that he's 'never really hungry', which might tempt him to make poor food choices, Ryan usually grazes on fruits, veggies, and nuts throughout the day.

Bust most importantly, Ryan said, he doesn't count calories, fat, or carbs. Instead, he focuses on eating what is healthy, which he determines by doing extensive research. He concentrates more on picking food that is going to 'provide maximum nutrients' than chowing down on all things fat-free and low-cal.

In fact, Ryan doesn't place any food off-limits, because he doesn't like restrictions - so if he really wants pizza, he'll eat it. But that doesn't happen often, because he knows how long it will take to burn those unhealthy foods off.

'I say to myself, “If I eat this cake or cookie I am wasting, say, 30 minutes of my treadmill time this morning.” I could have slept an extra 30 minutes or watched my favorite television show or listened to my favorite music with those extra 30 minutes - rather than working off a piece of cake,' he explained, noting that usually - with the exception of some special occasions - that's enough to make him stay away.

Gradual change: He started exercising by using the treadmill for just 30 minutes, but would add 10 more minutes to his workout every week

Ryan also lets himself eat chocolate every day. One large bar with 72 per cent or higher cacao content can be rationed throughout the week, especially if he sticks to his 'two bite rule', which allows him two bites of rich food to satisfy his cravings.

He has a rules for eating at restaurants, as well, which he calls the Dolly Parton diet. The country singer once said that she cut portions in half to lose weight - so when Ryan eats out, he consumes just half of what he is served.

But making healthier meal choices wasn't the only adjustment Ryan made to his lifestyle - he hit the gym, too. The same month that he turned 40, a Planet Fitness gym opened less than a half a mile away from his home. So Ryan showed up on the first day, ready to start getting in shape.

He started use the treadmill for 30 minutes at a time - and every week, he'd add an additional 10 minutes. He said that it's important to push yourself a little bit everyday - but not too much, which can lead to burning out.

The dedicated exerciser has only missed a workout five times in the past year, even hitting the gym when he travels. When he needs to squeeze workouts in before work, he get to the gym at 3am.

'When people tell me they do not have time to go to the gym, I tell them that we all have a 3am or 4am - what we do with that time is up to us,' he said.

Healthy attitude: Ryan's diet consists of mostly raw fruits and vegetables, though he doesn't deny himself sweets when he really wants them

All of his progress meant that Ryan's wardrobe had to change as quickly as he dropped pounds. Over the course of a year, he went from XXXL shirt and size 46 pants to a medium sirt and size 34 pants. To give himself no wiggle room to gain back the weight, he's donated 15 bags of 'fat clothes' to Goodwill.

Now, a much healthier Ryan is happy to know that he will live longer, so he can spend more time with his kids and eventual grandchildren.

He's also thrilled to be at his lightest weight since high school. He loves when he runs into people he hasn't seen in a while and they say they didn't recognize him. Others who've seen his progress on Facebook tell him that he inspired them to lose weight, which he said is 'the ultimate reward'.

'Never, ever give up,' he tells those who are trying to get fit. 'There is a skinny you inside that is just dying to get out!'

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