Senzimi Sensitive Support Conditioner 200ml - Best for Sensitive Scalp and All Types of Hair

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  • RICH YET MILD! - 90.45% Natural Conditioner. Formulated for all hair types but particularly suited for anyone with a sensitive scalp. This conditioner promotes hydration of the hair and scalp and therefore improves its condition. It is dermatologically tested in Germany. Chemical free and is a hypoallergenic cosmetic ideal for those who have allergic reactions to normal everyday conditioners.
  • REPAIR AND STRENGTHEN - Helps repair flyaway hair, particularly in colder dry weather. Repair dry and damaged hair. Most general damage to hair is brought about due to a lack of moisture, so now you have something here that will bring back the shine and sheen to your hair.
  • CONDITION AND IMPROVE - Improve the sheen, feel and overall appearance, resulting in hair that is untangled and smooth. Senzimi conditioner has moisture providing and moisture retaining active ingredients that improves the condition of hair. The formula is rich in hydrating Vitamin B12, Meadowfoam Oil, Wheat Protein and Wheatgerm Oil.
  • PROTECT, SOOTHE AND HEAL - helps retain moisture by binding moisture into follicles and the hair itself, creating a protective film (after around 4 weeks of use) that literally locks moisture in, leaving hair soft and easy to handle and less prone to damage. Vitamin A, a good source of anti-oxidants, and Geranium Egyptian Oil, Chamomile Roman Oil and Lavender Bulgarian Oil are used to protect and condition the and provide an individual subtle fragrance.

This rich yet gentle 90.45% natural conditioner is formulated for three reasons. In the first place, to repair damaged hair and to strengthen, second, to the condition and thereby to restore the appearance of the hair, and thirdly, in order to protect the sensitive scalp, soothe and heal.

Each element of the formula works flawlessly with the others. The result is an effective product that is excellent in use. We have our formula uses some of the best performing conditioner ingredients.It contains ingredients that provide an anti-static effect of the hair, especially during cold and dry weather. This makes the hair smooth and easy to comb.

Other ingredients have been added because of their ability to restore the condition, the gloss and general appearance of the hair. Most damaging, however, the hair is caused by a lack of moisture, especially due to our contemporary environment. That is why we provide our conditioner from a number of active moisturizing ingredients, which also provide the necessary protection.

Our formula is rich in moisturizing vitamin B12, Meadowfoam Oil, wheat protein and wheat germ oil. These ingredients are able to bind moisture to the hair follicles and create a protective film (after about 4 weeks of use) through which the moisture content of the hair remains up to standard, and the hair soft, less susceptible to damage and is easy to handle.

In addition to the hydrating function, Rice Bran Oil & Wheat Protein strengthen the hair shafts and prevents split ends.

Finally, a mixture of vitamin A, a good source of anti-oxidants, Geranium Egyptian oil, Roman chamomile oil and Bulgarian lavender oil are used in order to protect the scalp, promotes, if necessary, the condition of the scalp, and provide for an individual subtle odor.